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  • Practice your family’s fire escape plan so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Does your home have an escape plan?

  • Make sure you remind the grown-ups at home to never take batteries out of smoke alarms and to test your smoke alarms every week. ​

  • If you see matches or lighters lying about, never touch them as they can hurt you; always  tell a grown-up if you see any.


  • The kitchen can be very busy, especially when dinner is being cooked. Try to help the grown-ups and encourage them not to use social media. Tell them to ‘keep looking while you’re cooking’.


  • Have a look around your home to make sure there are no overloaded sockets. Too many things plugged in can cause a fire. Ask the grown-ups to check with you.


  • If you clothes catch fire – remember to STOP, DROP and ROLL.


  • If you suffer a burn or scald from something like a hot kettle or a spilt mug of tea run your burn under cool running water for at least 20 minutes -straightaway. Then call for help - either a grown-up or ring 999 in an emergency. Then once you’ve cooled the burn loosely wrap it in cling-film. Three words to remember – COOL, CALL and COVER.

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