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Barbeques and camping

  • Barbeques are very hot and dangerous, always remember to keep looking while you’re cooking to prevent anything getting out of hand.

  • If you’re camping in a tent this summer never take your lit barbeque into the tent. Always leave it outside. Make sure the barbeque is located away from the tent. 


At the beach or near water

  • If you go to the beach always make sure you go swimming with a grown-up.

  • Never use inflatables if it’s windy as it can blow you out to sea.

  • Only swim in the water if there’s a lifeguard on duty and only ever swim between the red and yellow flags.


At home

  • Practice your family’s fire escape plan so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Does your home have an escape plan?

  • Make sure you remind the grown-ups at home to test your smoke alarms every week.

  • If you see matches or lighters lying about, never touch them as they can hurt you; always  tell a grown-up if you see any.


Burns and scalds

  • If your clothes catch fire – remember to STOP, DROP and ROLL.

  • If you suffer a burn or scald from something like a hot kettle or a spilt mug of tea run your burn under cool running water for at least 20 minutes -straightaway. Then call for help - either a grown-up or ring 999 in an emergency. Then once you’ve cooled the burn loosely wrap it in cling-film. Three words to remember – COOL, CALL and COVER.

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